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25 pound bag of clay

We have a few types available in the studio by StarWorks and Highwater Clay. Please select the type you would like below. Once purchased we will set aside with your name on the bag for use. All clay purchased includes bisque fee.


STAR White 6

This is a good all around cone 6 clay body that can be used for wheel throwing, hand building and slab work. The color is a buff white when fired to cone 6.

Cone 6 Shrinkage 11.8%, Absorption 2.24% 

Highwater Clay

Speckled Brownstone

Brownstone has light to medium brown oxidation body, and it is a good choice for mid-range work of all types.  Contains 3% fine grog. 

The addition of granular manganese adds dark specks to our Brownstone clay.

Cone 6 Shrinkage 10.0%, Absorption <1.0%

Little Loafers

Little Loafers has the same fine properties of Loafer's Glory, but has been specifically designed for the lower cone 5-6 firing. It is simply fabulous.

Cone 6 Shrinkage 11.0%, Absorption 1.87%

Riverside Grit

A rich reddish brown clay. 17% grog (fine and medium sizes) makes this an ideal choice for large work or tiles. Good sculpture body.

Cone 6 Shrinkage 9.0%, Absorption <1.0%