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Studio Waiver

A signed studio student waiver must be on file with the studio to participate in any class, event, or other activity.

COVID Waiver

A signed COVID waiver must be on file with the studio.  Students must follow all guidelines while using the studio. 

Open Studio Pass Holders and Monthly Members

We currently have a waitlist for open studio membership. Please email the studio to be added to the waitlist.

To practice skills and be part of a ceramic arts community. 

Open studio time is available for individual work. Instructor is on hand(remotely) to answer any safety concerns, teaching and demos will be covered during class or private lesson time.

Open studio access is set up through an individual contract. Students who are currently enrolled will have set open studio hours during their class session. Renting open studio time outside of a class session needs to be approved by the studio, and students must have taken an introductory class or private lesson.

Clay must be purchased through the studio; included in the price is the bisque firing. 

All clay you would like to reclaim is free. See instructor for firing options.

Studio glazes and slips are available for use, as well as some commercial glazes and underglazes. If you would like to use your own glaze, it must be approved by the studio and your work must be fired on a cookie.

All tools, bats, and other studio equipment are available to use, just please return them clean and to the proper place. Please keep your area clean always using wet cleaning methods, large clay trimmings can be vacuumed. Please keep big clay pieces out of the sink drain. All tools, clay, and work should be kept on your shelving area and please label your work.

The studio is a community and ceramics is a multi-step process, we try our best to avoid any breakage, but cannot be held responsible if accidents occur.

The studio will fire the kiln when we have a full load, about every two weeks.

Bisque firing is to cone 04, and cone 6 firing fees include glazes.

Signed waiver must be on file at the studio. Studio Waiver 

Open studio monthly member fee: (not offered at this time due to COVID)
Open Studio Pass- 6 visits during studio hours: $90
Fees include use of the studio and storage. Clay and firing fees are additional.

Open Studio Hours:

Available in 3 hour blocks

Monday: 12:00-3:00pm, 5:30-8:30pm
Tuesday: 8:00am-9:30pm
Wednesday:  12:00pm-9:30pm 
Thursday: 8:00am- 9:30pm
Saturday: 12:00pm-3:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm-6:10pm

In case of inclement weather the studio will follow Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools cancellation notices unless otherwise notified by the studio. Updates will also be posted on Facebook.

Glaze Firing Guidelines for Open Studio Pass Holders & Monthly Members​

- The kiln is fired to cone 6. Pieces will cycle through a firing about every two weeks

- Finished pieces need to be picked up within two months, or they will be donated

- Please keep track of all pieces in the log book or on your class card. Pieces will be fired once payment is received. Options for payment are cash, credit, check, or paypal

Fee Info for Cone 6 Firing:

Per Piece: $.03 per cubic inch (2” height minimum, round up to nearest in.)

Half Shelf: 2” posts- $5, 4” posts- $10, 6” posts- $15

Whole Shelf: 2” posts- $10, 4” posts- $15, 6” posts- $20

Half Kiln: $35

Whole Kiln: $60 (10 cubic feet)

Fees for cone 6 firing include use of all studio glazes

Bisque firing to cone 04 is included in the price of the clay bought at the studio.

$25 for 25 pounds of clay

Replacement kiln shelf fees: $10 if a piece sticks to a shelf, $35 half shelf, $55 full shelf

Example calculation: L x W x H= ? x .03 = glazing fee for the piece 4x 4 x 4 = 64 x .03 = $1.92

**If you have questions, please ask. If your piece is over post height, half or full kiln rental option is available.