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Class Questions

At the studio, we have all the tools that you need, but if you have your own tools or an apron please bring them. You will have your own shelf in the studio to keep any items at the studio. *update due to covid* Please bring your own tools. We have a limited supply of tools for purchase at the studio.

Private lessons are scheduled to work on a certain skill or part of the process, and in order to make a completed piece of pottery multiple private lessons will be needed.A Throwdown is designed for any level, even beginners, who would like to only do the wet throwing on the pottery wheel part of the process.  After your 2 hour event, the studio completes the rest of the pottery process for you.  In a round 3-4 weeks your finished pieces are trimmed, glazed, and ready to be picked up.

After your pieces are made on the wheel or even in the handbuilding room, they need times to dry. At the studio, we allow work to dry completely and are very patient.  Drying times can vary based on the weather and time of year, and being patient pays off because if pieces are completely dry they will survive all the kiln firings.

Here is an estimated schedule of the process:Preparing clay, throwing, any wet decorative work- one day or more for handbuildingDrying to soft/medium leatherhard for trimming, greenware decorating, smoothing and signing (trimming included)—one to three daysDrying to bone dry- count on one to two weeks (depending on how humid or dry the weather is)Loading the kiln, bisque firing, cool down, unloading- two to three days Glazing- one to three daysLoading the kiln, glaze firing, cool down, unloading—two to three days

he studio sells 25 pound bags of clay for $25, which includes the bisque firing. 

Pottery and Ceramic Pieces

Yes, but if you would would like to prolong the life of your pots hand washing them will help.

Yes, you can microwave your pottery, some glazes make the vessel a bit hotter than others, so use caution, as with any ceramic piece.

No. All our glazes are lead free. The full glaze recipe and clay/glaze supplier can be supplied on request.

Since all of my pottery is handmade, each pot will vary slightly.  I will try my best to make a similar piece. 

I am able to take custom orders, and will work with you on time frame and price.